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July 7, 2020

Supporting family time as a caregiver has many benefits

Caregivers play a big role in a child’s ongoing relationship with their family, so it’s vital to be able to understand the different ways that can look and how to best support it. The new training “Caregiver’s Responsibility in Supporting Family Time” will give you an overview of what “family time” is, why it matters and how you can support the process.

This webinar introduces the concept of family time and teaches how each child’s circumstances will be different and will dictate the details of family time. Family time has many purposes, including easing the pain of separation and offering reassurance to both parent and child. It also has quantifiable benefits: Research has shown regular family time increases the likelihood of safe reunification and reduces the time spent in out-of-home care.

Caregivers can help make family time successful through positive language and supportive efforts. The course will teach you a wide range of ways to provide for family time, including preparing children for visits, supervising visits, providing transportation, sharing information with the birth family, and much more.

As a caregiver you play a vital role in family time, and understanding its role in transition and reunification will be beneficial for everyone involved.


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