Talking with Children about Race

In this workshop we explore how children and youth learn and practice racism and privilege. Participants will learn strategies for acting on teachable moments and ways to create counter narratives. 

Recent research has shown that children have very complex understandings of differences and how they make meaning of stereotypes. Far from being color-blind, most children are aware of how their own skin color is an advantage or disadvantage. They also judge their peers based on these differences — even though many adults believe young children in today’s generation don’t stereotype.  Because of this, it is important to give children anti-bias messages, through actions and words that actively counter what they are internalizing and witnessing in the world.

This training is presented by Dr. Caprice Hollins, co-founder of Cultures Connecting, LLC.  Dr. Hollins received her doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis in multicultural and community psychology in 1998. She has over 14 years of experience teaching graduate courses, working with historically marginalized populations, researching, studying, and facilitating race related conversations. Her experience includes opening and directing the Department of Equity & Race Relations for Seattle Public Schools, developing and implementing district-wide and school-based trainings, while utilizing her background in psychology to assist district leaders and staff, institutionalize change to promote equity and social justice. She also currently works as a part-time core faculty in the department of counseling at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

Comments from Caregivers who took this training:

“Fantastic! High energy, interactive and very knowledgeable.  Worth spending my Saturday afternoon and then some :-)  Non-judgmental, thorough, humorous, relatable, very professional.  I came away enriched.  Thank you!” 

“Student instructor was animated, experienced, kept the best mix of light/serious.  The personal anecdotes and photos help the lessons hit home. I like the practical takeaways too – teaching moment, media training – Thank you!” – (Caregiver referred by their Social Worker)

“Very informative and left with good resources.  Norms regarding conversations very helpful.  Connecting with present and other attendees was a huge bonus.” – (Caregiver referred by Private Agency)

“Learning about racial cognizance was very helpful… This is a skill that I think is going to take practice.  But thanks to this class I feel like I can make appropriate choices to move my thinking in that direction.”