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October 21, 2020

Work together with families to determine a plan

The heart of Shared Planning Meetings is the word “shared” – the opportunity to work alongside and engage all members of a child’s care team. Parents, youth, caregivers, relatives and other natural supports partner with DCYF staff to share all case elements: information, decision-making and goals.

In the new training “Making the Most of Shared Planning Meetings,” you will gain an understanding of the purpose of these sessions and how to best engage with all parties. The course will guide you through basic requirements of DCYF policy, which involves specific forms and documentation rules. After learning about that foundation, you will participate in discussions around implicit bias in the child welfare system and talk about strategies to decrease that. Part of the training involves a chance to practice your case presentation during a mock shared planning meeting that includes articulating safety threats and family strengths. You also will learn how to best articulate a case plan that addresses identified safety threats from a case scenario and identify ways to support family systems.

When you complete the course, you will be prepared to approach Shared Planning Meetings with an eye toward positive relationship building and you will have the tools to support family and child well-being.


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