Infant Safety and Care for Caregivers
2020-02-06, Infant Safety and Care, for Caregivers, 5:00PM, Green
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Open For Registration
  • Thursday February 06, 2020 05:00 PM to 09:00 PM
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Kebbie Green
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Special Information:


Please plan to arrive 30 minutes early, for the first day of classes (15 minutes early for remaining classes)...


Saturdays,  Sundays AND ALL Evening Classes: feel free to park in the parking garage, go to second floor of the parking garage, then walk across the sky-bridge to the glass door. This is a secured building and this door is LOCKED, but we will begin letting people in 15 minutes (30min for first day of class) before class is set to begin! (knock and we can hear you too!) NO VISITOR pass is needed on weekends/nights!


There is NO CHILDCARE provided for this training, and children under the age of 18 are not able to attend due to the sensitive nature of the training.


Plan on a lunch break (1hr) after the first 3 hour session each training day.  If you leave for lunch, you can arrive back 10 minutes before class is set to begin and we will let you in at the second story entrance (glass door).  If you bring a sack lunch, there is a break room, with a  microwave, sink, etc, for your use.


********DO NOT Enter through the main doors, Go to second floor skybridge and enter through the glass door.  It will be locked, but someone will be there to greet you!*****


The Alliance has changed our handouts policy to be more environmentally responsible.  All the handouts that you will need during class for activities will be provided to you.  However, additional resources that may be helpful will no longer be printed.  Instead, they are accessible to you  ( )  so that you may access them at any time to save or print. 



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